Special Events

             Sister To Sister                Christian Education Class

During the month of May, every Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m., Evangelist Jackie Blair taught  "Sister to Sister" which brought out women of all ages - from pre-school, young girls, teans, young adults,  to seasoned Christians - for a unique class that enthused all who attended.

The purpose:  to further women's education in Christian Education in a class designed especially for women.

Pictured are Evangelist Jackie and Brother Blair

Sister Blair began the class on week one (May 5, 2009) with the theme "Always Sisters". 

  • Most of the church is made up of sisters - if women didn't do anything in church, not much would get done.
  • When we accepted Christ, we all became sisters in Christ. 
  • Be a building block, lift and pray your sister up
  • We are not in a position to be judgemental
  • Love is an action word; when a person shows love, you know it, you don't have to hear it, you feel it.
  • Show the love (agape) that God shows - unconditional. If you have the love God wants you to have, 1you love your sisters, 2you worship with your sister, 3you serve with your sisters, 4comfort your sisters, and 5trust your sisters.
  • You cannnot divorce from your physical sister, nor your spiritual sister
  • We are connected by the blood of Christ.
  • Leave this class knowing that we have new relatives - our sisters in Christ
  • As sisters in Christ, we have an obligation to pray for the needs of our sisters.

Week two (May 12, 2009) emphasized "I Need You and You Need Me".


  • The Lone Ranger had Tonto, who called the Lone Ranger "Kimosabe" or friend.  Tonto was the "look-out" (had his back).  Women are the friends of each other, we have each others' backs if we are true Christians.
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly:  the two together with bread make a sandwich - they stick together like sisters in Christ
  • Be sisters with ALL women - you never know when you will need them
  • Spaghetti and meatballs: Blend ourselves with our sisters so that we become one - we cover each other.  Don't outshine or compete, we do not have to be up front. boost others, for it boosts us all.
  • Ice cream and cake - one compliments the other.  Compliment your sister in Christ, stand by her, do not get behind her back and do something else

Other points:

  • Do not do things out of vain ambition, do not push to be out front. - give others opportunity
  • Choose wisely with whom you connect.
  • Do things with humility - God is looking for ordinary people  to do extra-ordinary good.
  • Go to others with compassion to help with their needs.
  • Your attitude should be that of Jesus Christ - Your attitude determines you altitude.
  • There is NO place in God's house for envy or selfish ambition

Week three (May 19, 2009) was concerning "The Mary/Martha Comparison"

Luke 10:38-42

Martha wanted to tell Jesus what to do when her sister Mary wouldn't help her cooking in the kitchen . Therefore Martha was upset with her sister Mary.  But Jesus pointed out that Mary was doing the right thing, listening to Jesus speak of his Father (the Word).

Three sets of very different portrayals were role played.  We laughed until our sides hurt.  What a wonderful way to get the point across as we were learning while having fun!

  • Harsh words can tear up a family,  a church.
  • We can pull out the best in each other.
  • Jesus is more interested in our spiritual food, rather that our physical food, that gets into us.

The fourth week was the culminating week (May 26, 2009), which was Review, Discussions, Evaluation, and a Special Surprise.  We reviewed each of the themes from the prior weeks, we discussed each topic and the importance of being sisters in Christ, and then we were given an evaluation sheet to complete.  The surprise was cake and ice cream from Sister Blair, and special gifts were given to those ladies who went out of their way to assist her during the past four weeks. 

Every week we were expected to take notes, do homework (which related to the theme of the week) and participate in fun activities that encouraged us to become engaged in our own learning to grow in Christ.  We researched the Bible for passages that supported our written answers, and came prepared to share them with our sister the following week.  No one wanted  the class to end.

Now we are in the process of signing up for  "Sister to Sister II Christian Education Class".  Please do not miss out.  See Sister Seales for the new registration form, for the class starting  Tuesday, July 14 through August 11, 2009 (5 weeks).